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Seabob Magnum — Limited Edition — Best ever underwater scooter build for 100 Men Only.

For 100 Men only

Seabob Cayago Magnum Limited Edition is build for The Power people.

Stealth technology

Cutting Edge Sonar & Increased Speed and Authonomy.

Seabob Magnum — Limited Edition

This is the Best ever underwater scooter made by seabob intended for only 100 Owners on the Globe

Over the past few years our company established the SEABOB, a unique water-sports bobsleigh, on the world market. The patented E-jet power drive makes the SEABOB the fastest water and diving sled in the world. It is absolutely emission free and environmentally friendly.

Our special limited edition, the CAYAGO MAGNUM, is being built in a production run of just 100 units. The CAYAGO MAGNUM features a cutting-edge sonar system for diving.

Seabob Cayago Magnum - Limited Edition - For 100 Men only

Combined with the latest in compass technology, this high-tech toy can be navigated perfectly at high speeds under water and in poor visibility.

A high-quality energy pack comprising a 33 kg lithium-ion accumulator ensures that the high-performance engine, which is configured as an E-jet power system, is provided with power.

Download the Seabob Cayago Magnum Brochure here.

Technical details

Designation Description MAGNUM
Shell Hard-integral plastic technology
Motor Performance up to: 7.4 kW (10HP)
Drive Maximum thrust up to: 843 N (86 kg)
Motor Control Electronic speed control in 10 power levels between 10% and 100 % via piezo buttons
Energy CAYAGO-Power High-Energy Li-Ion accumulators without memory effect: 30 Li-Ion cells
  Total capacity approx: 4.5 kW/h 60V 40 Ah
Operating Time Average: 2+ hours
Charging Time Standard charger 4.5 hours
LED Headlights 15,000 lx
Steering By simply shifting your body (left – right up – down
Stoping Switching the drive off causes the water resistance to stop the Seabob within an extremely short distance
Diving depth Electronic control system can be set to maximum water depth of: 40 m
Dimensions L x W x H (in mm) 1,766 x 474 x 402
Weight Approx.: 110 kg

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Seabob Ordering & Delivery

Included in the Box

  • Underwater scooter Seabob Cayago Magnum – Limited Edition
  • Cayago Magnum Transport Box
  • Cayago Magnum Cover Coating
  • Cayago Magnum Rack
  • Cayago Magnum Lift System
  • Cayago Magnum Special Plexiglass-Shield for High-Speed-Driving
  • Cayago Magnum Driver/pilot-belt-system(please choose Size: S, M, L oder XL)
  • Inkl. MAGNUM Instructor- one Training-Session included
  • Cayago Magnum Transport Box
  • Cayago Magnum Transport Box
  • Cayago magnum charger with charging cable and plugs
  • Maintenance grease
  • Seabob cayago Magnum User manual
  • Seabob cayago Magnum quick user quidance sheet
  • Your personal user PIN number and Certificate with S/N
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