Seabob Sales to Megayachts

Seabob Sales

Knowledge & Technical expertise

We’ve been serving the Superyacht industry for over a decade establishing strong cooperation with Yacht design studios and Shipyards in The Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Italy and Turkey.

Our in-house engineering team will share the broad knowledge and the best practices for Seabob Integration on-board Yachts.

Please contact our staff for guidance and detailed Technical specifications.

Which Seabob is for you?

Seabob has had a tremendous success over the past years. It’s been voted the most wanted water toy aboard yachts. To help you choose your Seabob please check Seabob Comparison section.

Later feel free to talk to our in-house multi lingual seabob sales team for a First-hand experience and product advice.

Ask us to visit you on-board your yacht for Seabob Trials and Demonstration.

Ordering & Delivery

Placing an order

Buying your new Seabob is easy and simple. We take care of the entire seabob sales process for you, right through to delivery to your chosen address mainland or on board the Yacht.

Call +377 640 62 95 99 for Seabob sales or request a quotation.

Speak directly to one of our multi-lingual customer service representatives. We speak English, French, Italian and German.

You may reach our sales department from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm CET (Central European Time).

VAT Optimised

We can provide a VAT-free purchase for Commercially registered Super and Mega Yachts with a valid EU tax number registration, a new build project or Yachts moored in Montenegro, Cyprus or elsewhere outside the EU waters.

Direct Delivery on board

A worldwide direct delivery onboard Superyacht is provided for of all items purchased at Seabob Adriatic. For an all-inclusive quotation please provide us with the country of destination, Port of delivery or your Port Agent address. Learn more about personalised Worldwide Delivery Service.

International Shipping

We’ve delivered Seabobs as far as Maldives, Bali, Phuket, Australia or Seychelles. All Overseas delivery/shipment destinations are available upon request.